Yei Winon Merison / Sepo

Yei Winon Merison / Sepo (YWMS) is the local Makushi name, which literal translation reads “Medicine / Soap from trees, adopted by a group of women from different Amerindian communities in the North Rupunnuni that elaborate traditional medicines and soaps from locally cultivated plants and trees. The core members of the group are Veronica Farias (Kwatamang), Cecilia Goffreys (Massara) and Rita Francis (Kwatamang).


The group was founded under the auspices of the NGO Pro-Natura UK but with the help and support of NRDDB (North Rupununi District Development Board),  is moving towards a state of complete self-sufficiency. The entire research and development process is managed by Amerindian residents of the North Rupununi. Intra-cultural transmission of medicinal knowledge is facilitated by the Makushi Research Unit (MRU).




       Kiambe bark 

               Crabwood seeds and soap




The majority of raw materials are sourced from Amerindian titled lands in neighboring communities, becoming therefore a Community Based Enterprise, so as the business grows so does the capacity for benefit sharing. Thus a financial incentive to preserve the pristine environment of the North Rupununi is born. All products adhere to traditional methods of production and resultantly refrain from mechanization, which means that all work is done by hand following the makushi traditional way.

This business is a proponent of practices that maintain the integrity of both culture and the environment.



The main goal for the group is to become a sustainable and sufficient community based enterprise, providing job opportunities to the younger Amerindian generations and preserving the Makushi traditional knowledge about medicinal plants and trees.

The soaps, creams and tinctures are made from the different plants and trees .


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NRDD, Bina Hill, Annai, Region 9, Guyana