Junior Wildlife Clubs

Iwokrama, in partnership with the North Rupununi District Development Board (NRDDB), has facilitated the development of youth Wildlife Clubs, one in each of the North Rupununi indigenous communities. These clubs, with members from as young as 8 years old, expose local youth to natural resource management, organisational and governance issues, and provide fora for discussion of environmental and other issues.



Wildlife Club Objectives

  • Develop an awareness and understanding of the plants, animals, and physical characteristics of the forest.
  • Help in local wildlife inventories & wildlife monitoring.
  • Understand natural resource management and conservation.

History of the North Rupununi Wildlife Clubs

The concept of Wildlife Clubs was that they would be an integral part of the wildlife management programme of the North Rupununi. These clubs allow students to gain first hand experience of natural resource management and prepare children for the future. Obviously, the clubs could only be formed if there was a strong interest in the schools about wildlife.





Other activities include:

  • Cutting nature trails
  • Presentation of cultural shows (skits) that help raise conservation awareness
  • Village clean-ups
  • Education in proposal & report writing and other communications skills
  • Building club houses
  • Poetry, art, and essay competitions
  • Developing communication systems for the clubs via Radio Paiwomak
  • Camping
  • Learning scientific and local names for animals and plants
  • Wildlife knowledge competitions between villages
  • Exchange visits with other communities
  • Creating collections of insects, plants and animals for the schools
  • Learning about wildlife research
  • Frog spotting
  • Bird monitoring

A major accomplishment of the Wildlife Clubs is the Annual Wildlife Festival. The 10th Festival was held in April 2011 at Bina Hill.