Aranaputa Eco-basin Tours

Aranaputa eco-basin offers visitors a unique package which has wonderful opportunity and experience of nature and culture. The Clarence mountain nature trail and rest cabin is a unique eco-tourism activity perched 1500 ft above the community with one of the most fabulous panoramic views of the North Savannah and has a rich biodiversity habitat; here visitors will have a probability of viewing wildlife animals (Tapir, Jaguars, Spider and Howler monkeys, Macaws, Parrots, Poison Arrow frogs). A visit to the Aranaputa peanut butter processing centre (A centre for women’s development) will allow visitors to experience the local methods used to process peanut butter. Horse back riding in the savannah provide an opportunity of seeing the Giant Anteater, the Capybaras and lots of birds.


This unique tourism experience is in a protected area (The Iwokrama Rainforest site) the first of its kind in the world. Visit this low tech community owned state of the art butterfly farm - a unique tourist attraction in the centre of the rainforest. At the farm visitors will observe the lifespan of some of natures beautiful specimens. Jaguar spotting opportunities is one of the main attraction of this tour, petroglyphs viewing is a guaranteed viewing in low waters.