Radio Paiwomak 97.1 FM

“Today’s first Community Radio for the Development of Tomorrow’s People.”

Phone: 592-772-9292

E-mail: radiopaiwomak<at>

Annai, North Rupununi Region 9, Guyana

The station broadcasts from 14:00hrs to 21:00hrs Mondays to Fridays and on special weekends, serving an audience of several thousand inhabitants spread across 15 communities on the flat savannah lands.

The radio frequency is 97.1FM with a range of about 65 miles. The radio station operates on a voluntary basis with a core of four volunteers.



Radio Paiwomak is operated under the terms of an MOU between the National Communications Network, UNESCO, IWOKRAMA and the North Rupununi District Development Board (NRDDB). It is the only community radio station in the country of Guyana and provides a unique service to the hinterland communities of the North Rupununi District of Region #9. Based on consultations with North District communities, Radio Paiwomak 97.1 FM is one of the more popular programmes associated with the hinterland communities and has kept the tradition alive by broadcasting daily in the Amerindian Dialect.

On September 19 2000 at 14:00 hrs Radio Paiwomak became Guyana’s first hinterland based community radio station. The name Paiwomak is drawn from the names of three mountain ranges that dominate the North Rupununi, Region #9: Pakaraima, Iwokrama and Makarapan.

Radio Paiwomak 97.1 FM is managed and run by the National Communications Network in collaboration with the North Rupununi District Development Board (NRDDB). The radio operates under license held by the National Communications Network (NCN) Inc. It is located at the Bina Hill Institute.

It’s the first indigenous community radio operating in Guyana.








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Our programs reflect our involvement in the community with most of them allowing for interviews and writing in by the people in the communities.


Our Radio Programmes Include:


What’s Up To Date

Children’s Corner

Your Request Show

Healthy Life Style

Road Safety Tips

Makushi and You

Eye On The Environment

Farmers Corner


Youth and Development

Easy into Bedtime

News from Radio Paiwomak - in text or audio