Community Atlases produced by Project FAUNA

Year of Production: 

Project Fauna is the field name for U.S. National Science Foundation award DEB 0508094 (2005-2011) “Biodiversity dynamics and land-use changes in the Amazon: multi-scale interactions between ecological systems and resource-use decisions by indigenous peoples”, directed by Principal Investigator Jose M. V. Fragoso.

These atlases were created by Project Fauna as part of U.S. National Science Foundation-funded research to investigate biodiversity dynamics and cultural practices by the indigenous peoples of the Rupununi. They  provide a summary of the major datasets that were created using data gathered in the field from 2007-2010.


Project Fauna was granted permission from the following communities in the Rupununi to share the maps on the NRDDB website:-

  • Aishalton
  • Achawib
  • Para Bara
  • Karaudarnau
  • Awarewanau
  • Tipiru
  • Paipong/Tiger Pond
  • Wowetta *
  • Fairview *
  • Katoka *
  • Kwaimatta *

The communities marked with an (*)  are part of the NRDDB.


The other study communities for which Atlases were created are Apoteri, Rewa, Crashwater, Quatta, Nappi, Moco Moco, Quiko/Shulinab, Sand Creek, Werimoor, Shiriri, Shea and Sawariwau. These atlases will be made available when permission is received.

Please click on the links below to download the atlases.


Awarewanau Atlas7.76 MB
Achawib Atlas7.44 MB
Aishalton Atlas7.69 MB
Fairview Atlas7.73 MB
Karaudarnau Atlas7.79 MB
Katoka Atlas7.24 MB
Kwaimatta Atlas7.69 MB
Pai Pong Atlas7.6 MB
Para Bara Atlas 6.33 MB
Tipuru Atlas7.56 MB
Wowetta Atlas7.16 MB