Training in Natural Resources Management and the Formulation of Community Development Plans

This project was funded by the European Union Delegation to Guyana  and was implemented between 1st March 2009 to 28th February 2011

The project worked with the residents of  the 18 communities of: Fairview, Surama, Wowetta, Annai, Kwatamang, Rupertee, Aranaputa, Yakarinta, Massara, Toka, Yupukari, Kwatata, Katoka, Kaicumbay, Apoteri, Rewa, Crashwater, Kwaimatta.


Over the life of the project there were a number of activities which took place. Some the major achievements of this project included communities trained in understanding, knowledge and use of the Amerindian Act to their advantage. This has increased the beneficiaries’ capacity for advocacy and applicability of the human rights/ indigenous rights enshrined in the Act. The support given to the Bina Hill Training Institute is invaluable in enabling it to deliver capacity-building to the beneficiary communities to map their natural resources and to develop their Community Development Plans. This has allowed the communities to look at their own development with renewed enthusiasm and a sense of increased ownership of charting their own progress and development agendas.






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