Makushi Research Unit

The MRU resulted from a local community, North Rupununi District Development Board, Iwokrama, and Amerindian Research Unit research initiative in 1995 to study the ethnobiology of the North Rupununi.

The Unit consists of researchers, most of them women,  from local communities who carry out research on social, economic, and ecological aspects of life in the North Rupununi. The MRU plays an important role in understanding local knowledge systems and cultural affirmation.



It is also a primary force in ensuring local communities in the North Rupununi are informed of research.

MRU projects have expanded to include working with the Ministry of Education to develop Makushi language teaching in schools.


The MRU has been supported by the Gender Equality Fund of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). The Fund provided the MRU with honoraria for participants and field computers to help with communications and dissemination of information from research, discussions, and workshops. Other donors have included the Eerepami Foundation


They have produced several posters, booklets and the important Let's Read and Write Makusi published by the Guyana Book Foundation in collaboration with Miriam Abbott.

Other projects include the short documentary "Our Language and Culture in the North Rupununi"