Bina Hill Institute for Research, Training and Development

The Bina Hill Institute, established in 2001, works with several partners under the umbrella of the >North Rupununi District Development Board (NRDDB)such as Iwokrama, to develop training, research and other resources in the North Rupununi.

For example, fisheries surveys for Arapaima and aquarium fish used the Institute as a base. The NRDDB and Iwokrama have also organized the training of apprentices in carpentry at the Institute. The Institute also established Radio Paiwomak. The Youth Learning Centre was also established

Bina Hill Institute has expanded its training efforts to include natural resource management, traditional knowledge systems, and building capacity for both occupational and economic development:

  • Agricultural training including veterinary science, plan science, horticulture, and pest control
  • Understanding laws and resource mapping for the development of sustainable businesses involving timber, tourism, medicinal plants, aquarium fish and honey
  • Professional skills development such as in carpentry, masonry, boat and other vehicle operation and mechanics, cooking, sewing, microscopy and computer use, as well as training for guides, rangers, community environmental workers, teachers and nurses
  • Organisational skills development such as household and village financial management, governance and leadership

The Bina Hill Institute supports adult and distance education and literacy programmes. The NRDDB ensures that training opportunities are shared among villages.