About the NRDDB



Membership and Purpose of the NRDDB

On September 16, 2015, following Village elections, a new executive board was elected and comprises of:

  • Anthony Andries, Chairman
  • Randy Gilbert, Vice Chairman
  • Suresh Andries, Secretary
  • Lakeram Haynes, Treasurer
  • Caroline Allicock, Secretary Treasurer

The NRDDB, established since 1996 and registered as a trust in 2001, is the umbrella organization of the North Rupununi communities, and recognized by Iwokrama as its community partner since 1996. The core membership of the NRDDB consists of the legally elected leaders (Toshaos) of the North Rupununi communities. The NRDDB also serves and functions as the community stakeholder forum with representation from other key leaders from community-based organisations (local civil society groups and institutions ). NRDDB therefore plays a crucial role as a genuinely representative, umbrella organisation which brings together officially elected local government officials (Toshaos) and other authorities as well as non-governmental local peoples’ organisations / institutions and private enterprise initiatives.

The NRDDB is committed to improving the well-being and quality of life of the North Rupununi communities through social and economic development and through the affirmation of heritage, culture, traditional knowledge and Indigenous rights. The NRDDB is likewise committed to the principles of sustainable community forestry and sees this as a means to achieving environmental sustainability and the wise conservation and use of its own forests through its own endeavors and also through working partnerships with Iwokrama and others.


Role & Functions of the NRDDB

The following descriptions of the role and functions of the NRDDB are taken from the NRDDB Constitution and Trust Deed respectively:

“NRDDB will be a fully autonomous body free of any party political, religious or other institutional affiliation. It will represent the interests of its constituent communities and will facilitate the development of these. It will be established as a non-governmental, not-for-profit, community-based organization which will act as the umbrella for convening the elected representatives of the North Rupununi communities.”



The overall aim of the NRDDB is to represent the interests of its constituent communities and to facilitate the general development of these.

One of the key functions of the NRDDB is to serve as the formal consultative and decision-making body on behalf of the district stakeholder communities in the implementation of the Iwokrama International Rain Forest Programme. In this regard, the NRDDB reserves the right to nominate an Amerindian Representative to sit on the Iwokrama Board of Trustees in accordance with the Amerindian Act.



To facilitate and encourage short, medium and long-term community development initiatives within the North Rupununi and to ensure that such initiatives provide benefits for and serve the interests of its constituent communities.


  • To bring together its constituent communities so as to:
    • facilitate community development planning;
    • assist in implementing policy;
    • encourage co-operation and coordination of activities of its constituent communities.
  • To encourage and facilitate a process of consultation, collaboration, collective planning and general networking amongst Regional and District authorities, local government bodies, NGOs and other organizations involved in the management and development of its constituent communities.
  • To create communication links among its membership and its constituent communities, and between these and all other relevant local and international organizations, and to network and establish relations with such organizations where possible.
  • To serve as a forum where its constituent communities can express concerns, find resolutions and implement actions.
  • To mobilize resources and generate income so as to facilitate and support community development initiatives as well as for the other objectives and activities of the NRDDB.
  • To promote and encourage the involvement of women in decision-making and participation in all community plans and projects.
  • To encourage the development of youths within its constituent communities, and to secure and support opportunities for their advancement.
  • To monitor the impact and effects of all regional, national and international programmes and/ or initiatives upon its constituent communities, including the Iwokrama programme, in order to offset any adverse effects of these and to formulate plans and partnership arrangements within the stakeholder framework of the Iwokrama Programme and other such agencies in the interest of the communities and to lobby for the implementation of such plans.




Download the draft NRDDB constitution66.04 KB