Community tourism in the North Rupununi means that your tourism dollars go directly  into the communities to assist with development and conservation in the region. All communities own their own lands and manage and administer their own communities through their elected Village Councils, so tourists can be assured that their visits are making a difference.

Wildlife, rain forests, open savannas, big rivers, and a rich and thriving culture offer guests an opportunity to have an experience of a lifetime in a region that has largely been untouched by tourism. The hospitality of the Amerindians living in the North Rupununi cannot be matched and will make any visit very special and unique.



Wildlife Highlights

  • Over 300 species of birds including the Guiana Cock of the Rock and the Harpy Eagle
  • Mammals such as monkeys, Tapirs and Jaguars, Giant River Otters, and Anteaters
  • The Black Caiman
  • Over 400 species of fish including the Arapaima (the largest fresh water scaled fish in the world)

The people of the region are Amerindians of mostly the Makushi tribe who speak both Makushi and English. Wapishana and Patamona are also spoken in some communities.


Getting Around

Regular air services flights are available on a daily schedule from Ogle Airport in Georgetown to Annai, Fair View, Karanambu and Lethem. Road transport is also available via many of the daily Mini buses services which ply the Georgetown/ Lethem route or through private 4x4 hires. The road passes through Wowetta, Annai and Aranaputa so you can stop off at any point.  However is it best to stop at Bina Hill, as this is the hub of operations. From here it is a 40 minutes drive with a 4x4 to reach Surama, a two hour boat ride on the Rupununi river to Rewa’s Eco-lodge, or a two and half hours 4x4 ride south into the savannah to reach Yupukari and Karanambu.



Surama Eco-Lodge in Surama, Caiman House in Yupukari, and Rewa Eco-Lodge in Rewa have simple and comfortable eco-lodges, Wowetta and Aranaputa have very basic semi-camp style accommodations.

Accommodation is also available at the Bina Hill Institute and Rock View Lodge (both in Annai), Atta Lodge and Iwokrama River Lodge and Research Centre (both in Iwokrama Forest) and Karanambu Lodge (in Karanambu Ranch).

Camping accommodations are available for more adventurous activities.


North Rupununi District Development Board Tourism Programme

Bina Hill North Rupununi

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